Here you can view any upcoming Council Meetings, Public Hearings, Events and more!

SATURDAY, JAN 16TH @ 11:00AM Town Hall on Civilian Crisis Response TeamLINK TO LIVESTREAM

MONDAY, JAN 18TH @ 5:30PM Operations, Management, Budget and Government Accountability Committee Meeting (OMBGA Committee Meeting) – LINK TO VIEW

TUESDAY, JAN 19TH @ 5:15PM Special OMBGA Committee MeetingLINK TO VIEW

MONDAY, JAN 25TH @ 7:00PM Regular City Council MeetingLINK TO VIEW

THURSDAY, JAN 28TH @ 7:00PM Committee of the Whole Meeting (COW) – LINK TO VIEW

If you are part of an organization or a constituent and would like to meet with us, feel free to email us below to set up a meeting. Also, if there is an event that you would like us to add to the upcoming events list feel free.

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